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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Second session

Yesterday, I went back to the rink for the second time postpartum. My boots still feel a little bit tight, but it wasn't too bad... and I lasted 45mins with no jellification of the legs!

I still stuck to doing only upright spins and single-jumps-except-Axel. I felt stronger than last week, but wasn't sure of my core strength to do sit or camel spins. Honestly, I just did not feel like falling on my butt or my face...

I did get bored after a while, though, and couldn't really work on moves or dance since there was a significant number of public skaters on the ice. It didn't take long before I was tempted to try the layback - and try I did. Surprisingly, there was none of the "have to get used to it again" feeling, and it felt good. I did it again, and again... I also managed to grab my blade, but that put me a bit off-balance.

Later, I decided to try spirals - just plain ol' spirals, nothing fancy. I also tried a split jump, which turned out to be a half flip - I didn't have the strength to split! Oh well... just a few "new" things each session should be fine.


mrsredboots said...

I expect you'll be getting stronger by the day now, but do listen to your body!

Keng-hui said...

Happy to see you are skating again. :) Would like to know your progress. It may be my reference in the future.