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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

On the cover of Vogue

How does it feel to be famous?

Reminds me of the time when I was on the cover of The New Paper on Sunday, 26 September 2004, with a 2-page story titled "No snow, no ice, but ... got S'pore ice-skating champs". (archive found in Rednano - seems to not work on IE)

Then, that was for real, and it was surreal - I recall waiting in line at the grocery store and seeing the guy in front of me pick up the paper. I wanted one for myself, but ended up asking my parents to get it!

Anyway, back to this picture of Vogue, this one is not for real. I made it on the PhotoFunia website - interesting photo edits put you in the limelight... How fun!!


Gossipgerl said...

I just read a 2007 article. Wow, you started skating at 19? That gives me hope! Haha. I'm 19 too and have just started lessons with Elaine.
cheers! :)

Chow said...

liesel, there's always hope! ;-) Have fun skating, and maybe I'll see you at the rink sometime soon...