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Monday, April 30, 2012

Registration for SkateStar program @ The Rink in May

The SkateStar program will be launched at The Rink starting this weekend ~ 5th & 6th May.

For the month of May, registrations will be for Core Blades 1 only. This is suitable for absolute beginners who have not ice skated before.

Registration starts on Monday 30 April at 3pm. I presume you have to go to The Rink to sign up, or call them at 6684 2374/5.


艾曼達 said...

Does 1 module mean 1 Level (e.g. Core Blade 1) ? Is it open for all ages?

Chow said...

Yes, one module will cover one level. I'm not sure about ages, you should call them to find out!

- x i n h u i - said...
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- x i n h u i - said...

Hi! May I know if you are still providing private figure skating lessons? Otherwise, can you advise me on where to look for private coaches? I used to learn ice skating in FIP, and have already learnt the skills covered in JCube Rink's Core Blade 1-4 courses. The staff in JCube's Rink told me that they only provide courses for beginners. So I'm wondering where to find private coaches for intermediate learners.

Thank you!

Chow said...

Xinhui, they will, within the next few months, roll out private coaching programs. Look out in this space for more information :-)