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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Winter Carnival ~ fun and skating for all

It was two days of fun for skaters ~ experienced and beginner. The events started with a speed skating demo and a figure skating performance, presented by SISA's speed and figure skaters.

After that were 3 sessions of organised group lessons for beginners, followed by a session of "family free skate" where parents also got on the ice with the kids!

As a coach on the ice, it was wonderful to see so many young kids interested in skating ~ and picking it up so fast. We covered the basic skills in the first level of our SkateStar program, and most of my groups picked them all up! Of course in the actual course we would be spending more time mastering each of these skills before moving skaters to the next level.

During the family free skate, parents also got their feet wet... and many of them were doing pretty well. Overall, it seemed like the participants had a great time and enjoyed their sessions.

For those interested in checking out the SkateStar program organisation, you can visit the website of the Official SkateStar Program.

If you are starting out and would like to purchase skates and accessories, feel free to visit my online store, Chowskates.

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