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Thursday, April 19, 2012

SkateStar Program ~ lessons at The RInk @ JCube

The SkateStar program is set up by the Singapore Ice Skating Association (SISA) and will be implemented by The Rink at JCube. (Incidentally, I still maintain that the use of "proceeding" as an adjective is wrong... but that is beyond the scope of skating)

Here is the message sent out to SISA members today:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The SkateStar Program will commence at "The Rink" at JCube on Saturday and Sunday, 5th and 6th of May 2012!

4 sessions are available for the SkateStar Program which are scheduled for:
   Saturday: 9.15am-9.45am or 9.45am-10.15am
   Sunday: 9.15am-9.45am or 9.45am-10.15am

The 5 week skating course is a 30 minutes group lesson costing S$160 inclusive of rental skates and a complimentary 2 hour public session proceeding.

"The Rink" at JCube will revert to you when the management is able to take bookings for the courses in the next couple of weeks. For private lessons bookings (1-1 coaching), please fill in the attached form and either email it to Stuart Clays, Head Coach of The Rink at JCube at, or drop in at the ice rink and the JCube team will revert back to you as soon as possible. Please note that in most cases, beginner students will need to complete Core Blades 1 to 4 before private lessons are available.

The SKATESTAR program was developed by the Singapore Ice Skating Association (SISA) in collaboration with the Singapore Ice Hockey Association (SIHA) to cultivate the sport of ice skating in Singapore. It is Singapore’s only national learn to skate program. The program is designed to teach the fundamentals of ice skating through a progression of skills that is fun, challenging and rewarding.

Program Objectives: To teach the fundamental skills and correct techniques of ice skating;
To provide a fun and safe ice skating experience for beginners of all ages;
To provide all skaters (recreational and competitive) with the basic foundation for skating which will enable them to continue to more advanced figure skating or speed skating;
To provide a standardized methodology for coaching ice skating in Singapore;
To promote physical fitness by focusing on coordination and balance;
To teach life skills (discipline, perseverance and determination);
To have fun!

We look forward to seeing you on the ice soon!


Timothy Walters said...

Hi, Do you have dedicated skating time for preschool children?

Chow said...

Hello Timothy, there is currently no dedicated skating time for specific age groups. However, the SkateStar program has "Mini Blades" levels for children 5yrs and younger. This will likely be introduced in the next couple of months.

Katrina Malaga Tan said...

My instructor, Suvian, told me that I can consider taking private lessons as I am a fast learner. I was only a Core Blades 1 when I learned Forward and Backward crossovers. So, is it possible that I get private lessons? :)

Chow said...

Yes you may sign up for private lessons. Enquire at The Rink counter.