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Friday, June 30, 2006

Falling Leaf - when is it a split??

I have been trying to put in certain "interesting" moves in my students' programs...
Of course, one of them is a falling leaf, which is actually not too hard to do as a little hop over.

In the ISI system, the "split falling leaf" is a required element in Freestyle 6 test. Which means it cannot be performed in freestyle events at lower levels. But well, the regular "falling leaf" without the split should be ok, right??


Rather, it totally depends on the judges. A student of mine went in for competition with a little falling leaf - at least I told her to make it little. I was away for my own competitions during that time, and I was later told that this girl was marked down (waay down) for doing a "split falling leaf".

Curious, I asked her to do a falling leaf the next lesson. Nowhere was it close to a split!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I posted either Randy or Ted about this falling leaf without a split issue before. I was told that a falling leaf is a falling leaf and a split falling leaf is a split falling leaf, split defined as 90° or greater. So technically, the judge isn't right to mark your student down for it. But like referees in the World Cup for the Italian matches... judges in ISI competition also sometimes bat jiu tak sai.

What to do? -be less creative in elements, be more creative in body expressions and carriage loh.