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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Figure Skating Clubs in Singapore

There is one association in Singapore, and by regulation from the Singapore National Olympic Council, there has to be at least 5 clubs under the association.

Perhaps that makes sense for any other sport... but for figure skating, when there is but one rink in Singapore, and just a handful of serious (and semi-serious) figure skaters, this is really stretching it.

Hence, clubs are hard-pressed to provide benefits for members. The one and only rink is not controlled by us, nor the association. Booking ice is way beyond our budget. Hockey is the one given priority (and discounts), anyway. Further, we are all trying to recruit the same few figure skaters... and the even fewer who are willing to volunteer on club committees. How pathetic.

I had turned down a request to step up on the Association executive committee as Assistant Director of Training and Development (Coaches & Skaters). It was on the realisation that there is so much conflict of interest, being the president of a club, a skater and a coach all at the same time.

In a recent meeting with some of the Association exco, it feels that there is indeed some conflict of interest when an Association exco is also on a club committee. The discussion evolved to revolve around events being organised by a particular club (not mine), and that club should do a recruitment drive at the same time...

Wait, why was I spending my time in that meeting? I thought I was volunteering to serve the Association, not other clubs!

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