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Monday, July 24, 2006

Shut up and skate!

Ok, he didn't quite say it that way...

This morning I had lesson, but after that sore throat on Friday which lasted throughout the weekend, I have lost my voice. All I could manage was a hoarse "I can't talk today... cough cough cough".

So my coach said, "don't talk!"

Well, it must be the first time I had a lesson without all my protests and clever reasons why I couldn't do what he was saying. Several times, I started to say something in protest. He said, "just keep quiet, you can't talk anyway!"

I skated better than I did last week. Must be the result of actually thinking about skating rather than thinking up smart excuses. And my coach must have relished being able to complete his sentences without me interrupting!

1 comment:

frogg said...

Q. What's the moral of the story?

A. That you ... Well, on second thought, I'd better take your coach's advice and shut up. :-)