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Friday, July 07, 2006

Top 8 reasons why ice dance in Singapore has not taken off

#8. Cannot find a partner - though this is also prevalent in any other country I have been to, it is worse in countries where skating is starting up.

#7. Even if a partnership is formed, it is impossible to find a common time to train, since Singapore kids have an inane amount of school commitments!

#6. Culture - ice dance is modelled after Western dances, and may not appeal the locals, or the locals do not feel up to it.

#5. Compulsory dances don't fit in the rinks here - the compulsory dances were created for a full-size rink. Until we have a full-size rink here, it is going to be really tough to do them.

#4. How to train? Most skaters are able to practise only during public sessions. Unless you are really really lucky, you will have to avoid someone or stop after 2 steps. Impossible to complete any part of any dance.

#3. Ice dance lacks the immediate "wow" factor that jumps and spins provide.

#2. What for? - AHA! Only a handful of local skaters have figured out the addiction of ice dance!

#1. Ice dance is simply too damned difficult! - The next realisation for those who have figured out the addiction of ice dance!

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