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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lessons at Ice House

Still in NJ and skating at Ice House.
Had two lessons with Vladimir Kaprov.

First lesson was yesterday. I didn't know what to expect, and I suppose he didn't either. At the start of lesson he asked if there was something specific I wanted to do. I told him I'm working on some double jumps and would like to work on that.

We started with some rotation exercises, rather similar to what we did with Michael Pasfield during the seminar. Then we went through the Axel, d Sal, d toe, d loop, and even the d flip.

It was a good lesson, and this morning, I had some decent d Sal and d toe just before lesson. We went straight to d loop and d flip. He got out his video camera, and showed me exactly what was wrong. *sigh* yes, I can see what's wrong but its not like its so easy to fix it!

Anyway, he seemed to like what I can do at least...

What did I get from this? Some things I realised I should work on or concentrate on:
  • rotational exercises, concentrate on the "right feeling".
  • combinations/sequences - loop-d loop, salchow-d loop, salchow-d flip, axel-d toe, 3 axels in a row, etc.
  • bring R hand to L shoulder for rotation.
  • jump up, rather than turning L shoulder around!

PS: Posted on 4 Oct at 10:00PM EST (that's the time in NJ now!)

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