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Saturday, October 28, 2006

To compete or not to compete

This time every year, I come upon this dilemma -
shall I compete in the local ISI competition?

This time every year, I would crack my head over
whether to compete, how many events to enter, and which ones!

This time every year, I would decide to enter anyway, and always the same events!

This year is no different!! Yeah, so much for a dilemma.
[Oh but right now I'm only at STEP #2. Have not decided yet.]

So, should I compete?

Well, why not?
It is a local competition after all. No travel required. I am already working on a freestyle program, which is of the right length and easily adapted. Other events like solo compulsories, figures and dance don't need anything new programs. Yet others like footwork have been known to be made up during the competition.

My freestyle program I have choreographed for Gold ladies' has to be changed. Previously, it was not that hard - just remember to change the step sequence, add a split falling leave, single the toe loop and do not do that flying camel. This year, I will have to re-choreograph quite a few portions of it... bother!

Ok, fine, I think I will enter!

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