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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I went to the rink this evening, presumably for a lesson...
my student did not show up (turns out, she is ill)
she was the only one scheduled this evening
it was pretty much a wasted trip
I skated myself!

even so, skating with the crowd this evening, I had to watch out for public skaters, avoid killing anyone, stay away from holes & ruts in the ice and try not to fall in pools of water.

There were some other figure skaters in the same predicament.

One of them was my ex-student. "ex" because she could no longer make it on weekends, and preferred weekday afternoons. She's coming along quite well, though I prefer to see her less stiff.

Another was a teenage skater who had been agonising over her sit spin last month. She has awesome low position with a straight free leg, and it is looking much better now than it did last month.

The mother of a younger skater approached me to ask about lesson fees. I initially did not know she was already taking lessons. Then she asked about entering the competition. If needed, I won't mind taking her on to prepare for competition, but she really should speak to her coach first.

I now find out that my student is ill, and had called the rink office yesterday to reschedule. This is not the first time I don't get informed about cancellations! I should have known the risk when I agreed to come in for just one lesson...

When will I ever learn?

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