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Friday, October 13, 2006

New Spiral Sequence

With Lauren's help, I now have a new spiral sequence. It consists of

1. Change-spiral
RBO "reverse" spiral (on RBO edge, with L foot in front), or as Lauren calls it, "upside-down spiral", then changing into RBO spiral. All without holding the free leg. While working on this, I have realised that it is important to maintain a very strong lean into the circle throughout the change!

2. LFO spiral
For now, this is just the plain ol' spiral. I might try a lay-over, but that feels too scary right now.

3. LBO "half-bielmann" spiral
The LBO spiral, pulling the free skate with one hand so that it is higher than the head. I'm still trying to get it higher, hopefully without triggering my back problem again...

4. RBI spiral
This is just a plain ol' spiral, which right now feels constipated. Must be because I keep having to look behine to make sure I'm not chopping anyone's head off!

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