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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The next skating phenom?

Last year, a friend of mine pointed me to a video of Caroline Zhang's practise program at the Mexico Junior Grand Prix. She has some natural artistry and pretty solid jumps, but it is her incredible flexibility that caught my attention.

On Ice Skating International, there is a photo of her layback spin, where she pulls her blade from behind and touches it to her shoulder, with her face against her calf!!

At the 2006 JGP Bulgaria exhibition finale, she did a layback combination with at least four different positions!

There is a story about her on the Orange Counter Register, "An edge on the rest".

In an interview after the 2007 Nationals Junior short program, she spoke about how she had not fallen on a jump in competition (before that program), and was just surprised at the fall on the double Axel - "oh wow!" was her reaction! And also about going to Disneyland with her skates on!!

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