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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Progression of the Double Salchow

Since the rink is closed and I can't go skating, I pulled out some old videos - and was shocked at how terribly used to skate! (Wonder if I'd say the same of my current videos 5 years down the road!)

Then I got an idea: it'd be interesting to trace the progression of my double Sal over the years... So, I picked a few videos, ranging from year 2000 to 2004, stuck in some titles and made a mini movie out of it. It is so amateur, its embarrassing, but here it is anyway...


toddity said...

Google passed me to your blog right after mine (, so I watched with curiosity your tape on the double salchow. I had the impression from your site that you have worked hard at your figure skating - and it shows! You have made quite a lot of progress, and that last clip where you landed the jump in competition was beautiful! Keep working at it - the many hours of practice have paid off and make for some entertaining results!

chiya said...

Yay, good going!

That's like my double salchow except mine is even more iffy :P