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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Update on Rink Renovation

The re-opening of the rink has been postponed until Saturday, 20 Jan, due to some machine trouble. The announcement was put up today on the Fuji Ice Palace website.

In these "almost 2 weeks" that I have not skated, I have noticed two things.

1. my life is structured around skating
I would use before-skating time to do many things around the house, and after-skating/coaching time to get groceries, go to the bank, pay my bills, etc. Now, nothing gets done, and yet I still have as little time as ever. Wonder why!

2. skating really isn't all that essential
oh well, I suppose it is, since my life is structured around it, but I don't seem to miss it as much as I thought I would. I can almost understand why someone can decide to quit and never come back!

Anyway, I better start practising hard soon, 'cos my so-called "partner" is getting consistent Axels and d Sals while I'm not...

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