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Monday, October 01, 2007

Kallang Ice World to open in October

Soon enough, Singapore skaters will have a second rink to skate in! Kallang Ice World plans to open in mid-Oct, in the brand new Leisure Park Kallang. The date has been set but as far as I know it has not yet been announced yet, so I suppose I won't tell right now.
Update 16 Nov: Kallang Ice World is now open to general public!!
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The ice surface at Kallang Ice World is slightly larger than the current Fuji Ice Palace. Really, it is not much of a sifference at all (975.5 sqm, compared to Fuji's 960 sqm), but hopefully the ice will be good! :-)

In terms of pricing, though, I realise that it is pointless to hope that Kallang Ice World would charge any less that Fuji Ice Palace does. After all, it is larger, it is newer, and it does promise more exciting amenities. We will see for ourselves soon!

Some info about the new rink:
The new entertainment hub’s ice-skating rink will offer the biggest ice-skating surface in Singapore. Spanning 10,500 square feet, it is constructed to match competition standards and will also incorporate some spectator seating in its design to cater to a wide range of ice-skating performances, events and competitions.

It is easily accessible via East Coast Parkway and the new Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway. Those who travel by public transport will be well served by a comprehensive network of buses and the MRT. The newly completed Stadium Boulevard MRT station, scheduled to open by 2010, is right in front of Leisure Park Kallang. In the meantime, the mall will operate interim shuttle buses to Leisure Park Kallang regularly during the operational hours of the mall.

    -- Quotes from CBRE press release

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