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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I signed up with Nuffnang two months ago, and this week they finally gave me my first ad. It is a Nike ad, and I had originally thought it would just link to a Nike site which advertises its products, bla... bla... bla...

Interestingly enough, it actually links to the Nike+ page (check out the ad yourself), where one can log in and track one's running progress! The user can set goals like running a distance in a given number of weeks, running to burn calories or running faster. The user can also challenge friends to distance races, most miles, fastest runs, or even put in a team goal.

The site also sets up forums, clubs, global statistics, and information on gear (of course Nike gear) and music (looks like they have teamed up with iPod). The concept sounds pretty cool, though I haven't figured out how it all works to accurately record the actual distance/speed of the runs.

So, just imagine a site like this for figure skaters...

Setting Goals
  - land 10 axels in one session
  - skate a clean program in practise

  - most number of consecutive loop jumps
  - spinning for the longest time
  - most number of revs in a sit spin

And of course with forums, clubs, tools/gear and global statistics to help you with all aspects of your skating...

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