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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Poll #6: How do you like this blog?

Yeah, this time I thought I'd be "thick-skinned" and ask readers how they like my blog. Again, there were only 12 responses, of which
  3 (25%) claimed it was the best they have seen
  9 (75%) thought it is a cool site
  1 (8%) said it is just ok.

So, what do I see readers getting out of this?
  • Personal experiences - I recount my own skating experience, as well as what works for me and what doesn't. Of course it won't be the same for every skater, but hopefully some of this will help someone!
  • Skating tips - pointers on elements, breakdown of competition requirements, etc.
  • News & information - competition information, interesting news that catches my attention, even relevant videos.
  • Local skating scene - Singapore doesn't have that large a skating scene, but whatever does happen, happens!
Hopefully these will also catch your attention and bring all of you readers back! :-)

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