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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Right brained or Left brained?

I admit I am quite hung up on this clockwise or counter-clockwise dancer... AND I'm glad to say I am not the only one - this has generated much discussion and analysis on the Skating Forums. It must be a trait of adult figure skaters to take every move apart in trying to understand it!

One skater posted two sequences of freeze-frames and drew in the positions of face, arms and legs to show how the dancer would look going clockwise and counter-clockwise! This all makes perfect sense, but I still cannot make her go counter-clockwise when I look at the animation!!

Another skater made a mirror image of the animation and put them side-by-side! When I first saw this, the original (left) was going clockwise, and the mirror (right) was going counter-clockwise. However, after reading other posts and coming back to it, both animation seemed to be going clockwise again... ARGH!!!

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