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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sale & Pelletier have a son!

Reported on the Skate Canada website, "Jamie Sale and David Pelletier welcome baby Jesse".

I had mentioned them in my earlier post "Skaters' Babies". Its awesome that they will be actually doing shows by December. I'm wondering myself if I'd even be getting back to the ice in the 3 months after having a baby!

1 comment:

mrsredboots said...

Our coach was teaching - on ice - within three days of her second son arriving. For her first son, she did teach from the barrier for a fortnight, but then was back. But she had already stopped skating competitively before she started teaching, so it's not quite parallel.

I know when I had E, it took about six weeks to begin feeling human again. So you go by your own body. And don't be surprised if, when you first get back, you find some things hurt that you don't expect - coach2 trying to demonstrate a camel spin and then realising she couldn't was really rather funny....