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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Back to coaching

Yesterday, I started coaching again. Staring slow first, just committing one day a week, for 2 hours. It went pretty well, though I had forgotten how cold my toes would get from standing in a freezing rink (the last few times I came, I actually skated!)

It felt good to be back. I do like to teach, and will definitely consider more hours... BUT it is not so easy to have a fixed schedule and get to the rink on time, when baby cries and wants to feed just as I'm going out!


Anonymous said...

You can't time anything with babies the first few weeks, but give her another month or so and she'll be far more predictable. Not totally, but a lot more than she is now. Only then you'll have just got her into a routine and she'll start a growth spurt and want feeding more often and need to sleep longer.... sigh... but this stage goes so quickly, blink and you'll miss it!

After all, have we really known each other ten years? It doesn't seem possible, does it!

Chow said...

Yes almost ten years... how time flies!

angie said...

hello! welcome back! will you be posting photos of your baby?