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Friday, April 04, 2008

Singapore joins the ISU

Latest news: Singapore has been granted provisional membership to the International Skating Union.

This was announced in Channel News Asia's article "IOC president to visit Singapore for update on 2010 YOG plans".

This is a major milestone, and will certainly give the sport a boost. Next month, another rink is scheduled to be open in E!Hub at NTUC's Downtown East resort. One day soon, we will see Singapore being represented in international figure skating competitions!

[Afternote: the Downtown East rink is a synthetic ice rink.]

[Update: Singapore's ISU provisional membership is recorded in ISU Communications 1492.]


mrsredboots said...

Oh Chow, you must be so pleased! I know you've been wanting this, and working for it, for years!

Wonderful news.

Chow said...

Yes, ironically now that we have it and I can finally skate for Singapore flag at Oberstdorf, I am not going!
Well, I suppose there's always next year...