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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jump analysis video - Yuna Kim & Brian Orser

NY Times "Inside the Action" features world champion Yuna Kim of South Korea and her coach, Brian Orser, where they explain her approach to a triple lutz-triple toe loop.

Watch it at NY Times website

Some pointers that all skaters should take away (even if they are not doing triples):

Yuna Kim says, "In all my jumps, not just the triple lutz triple toe, speed is the most important part. The faster I go, the higher I jump."
"On the take off of the triple Lutz, I focus on keeping the right shoulder behind the left."

In the air, Brian Orser says, "she keeps her shoulders level, hips level, feet nice and tight together."

"On the landing, I try to maintain my speed and keep my body upright.", says Yuna Kim

Brian Orser notes that "she can actually build a bit more momentum on the landing of the lutz into the takeoff of the toe loop."

Yuna Kim says, "on the triple toe I keep my L shoulder forward and R shoulder back until the moment I takeoff."

"I have to keep my upper and lower body rotating together, or else rotation will be wobbly." 

"it is almost instinctual, like my body is programmed to do it" ~ Yuna Kim 

Just a little fun-fact: Yuna Kim covers a distance of about 25ft from takeoff to landing!

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