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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympics 2010 Pairs Skating

The Pairs skating has concluded, with final results:

Gold: SHEN Xue / ZHAO Hongbo
Silver: PANG Qing / TONG Jian
Bronze: Aliona SAVCHENKO / Robin SZOLKOWY

The two Chinese teams have a great start to their new year!

Their coach Yao Bin was on the first team that represented China in a World Championship (Dortmund 1980). He skated pairs with Luan Bo.

A report six years ago (after Shen/Zhao took silver and Pang/Tong took bronze at the 2004 Worlds) had this to say about Yao:
When he showed up in Dortmund in 1980, Yao had been with his partner for only four months. He had never been outside China. What he saw was a complete revelation. He knew about pairs techniques only from television. He was not prepared for the kind of techniques and hand holds and elements that he saw in Dortmund 24 years ago — or all of the things he saw outside the rink.  
With Shen & Zhao skating first in the short program, I had missed their record-breaking performance by the time I got to watching the live show. Try as I might, I am still unable to watch Shen/Zhao's record-breaking short program ~ just one program, so difficult to find! Any suggestions would be most welcome...


ATU said...

I am lucky because in china, major media fields have come to give more emphasizes on figure skating (since it is still the fever of Gold Medal from government), and I am lucky to watch the live show on the New Chinese Lunar Year.
Hope there will be MORE and MORE people who love figure skating in both China and Singapore.

ah_mah said...