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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympics 2010: Plushenko's Interview after Men's event

Interview with Plushenko after the Olympics Men's Figure Skating Podium

Plushenko said, "I stepped on the Gold medal position because I forgot that I came second. To be fair, I thought that I stepped on to my position."

When asked why he took down his medal shortly after the ceremony, he later said, "You all understand that it is not my position."

His arrogance is just mind-boggling!

For those who don't understand - Men's figure skating is becoming dominated by quad jumps. Plushenko put in a quad-toe/triple-toe in his program, and, it seems, expected that to put him on the Gold position automatically. 

BUT one jump does not a program make!

Fortunately, the current system is not that stupid. Some of Lysacek's other elements (spins, step sequences) were of higher difficulty. All the elements get a base score, based on the difficulty. Those that were performed well were rewarded with more points, those that weren't were marked down. Same goes for Plushenko.

Lysacek played smart. Plushenko played arrogance. I am glad smart won.


Alaine said...

Wow... Plushencko is really a Russian douche bag.

Twilight said...

Indeed, Plushenko's arrogance had been apparent ever since his first GP appearance for his comeback in Russia. It did no good that the judges kept feeding his ego though. In no way did I think he deserved those high marks he received in nationals but oh well.

Danielle said...

nicely said :)

Anonymous said...

I love this interview... Platinum.