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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Fever ~ or the lack thereof in Singapore!

My DH says I have Olympic fever ~ Winter Olympics, that is. Why am I the only one interested in watching anything in the Winter Olympics? After all, many Singaporeans don't seem to know that it is on! After reading plenty of news on the Figure Skating Pairs results - on many other news sites - I begin to wonder what is on the local Straits Times website. So, I take a visit, and the Top Stories headlines read like:
#1 Property launches heat up
#2 Barclays profits surge
#3 Teleban commander caught
#4 Anwar's Sodomy Trial - M'sia chides Aussie MPs
#5 Toyota woes - Competitive sales incentives

Certainly, I understand that the world continues turning even when the Olympics are on... Fine, so I scroll down to Sports. Disappointingly, here's what I see:
#1 Sharapova eases past Perry
#2 Balanced performance needed (about AC Milan coach's strategy)
#3 Vieira eager for Stoke test (Premier League news)
#4 "Roony one of world's best" (Man U?)
#5 Arrest warrent out for Lanis

Even after I clicked on the "more" link, I see nothing, nothing at all about any Winter Olympics news! Here's a snapshot of the page:

No wonder nobody can understand why I have to watch a wonderful couple win their first Gold, and the first Gold for their country!


ATU said...

I have been watching that, at my hometown in China, 'cause I love figure skating so much as you...

angie said...

yesss i totally know what you mean. im so miffed that ch5 is not streaming vancouver2010 live this time like they did for torino06.

and there's no special sports channel on cable dedicated to winter olympics either. im so pissed!

happy cny btw!

Twilight said...

The news that shen/zhao won gold was published in wednesday's lian he zao bao. I was literally shocked to see their photo on the front page.

Chow said...

Twilight, you're right, it was on the front page. Maybe someone read my blog... :P