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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Singapore's National Championships will be held in Malaysia! ~ for real?? yes!

The announcement is out. Singapore will be holding its National Championships in Malaysia!

So... get this - Singaporeans are now funding a competition that will benefit businesses in another country. We are funding a competition that will bring in tourist dollars to another country. Aren't we proud Singaporeans?

It is not even that we do not have facilities in Singapore... and you would imagine that if there is only one skating rink in the country, SISA would strive to maintain a good working relationship with it! Really, Singaporeans shouldn't be made to go overseas to compete in a National competition.

Imagine if one day Singapore holds its National Day Parade in Kuala Lumpur...


Twilight said...

If Malaysia has an Olympic size rink, I would understand.. probably. But Sunway's rink is just as small as Kallang's. I totally do not comprehend why it must be held in Malaysia. Although I'm from Malaysia hehe

Anonymous said...

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manuella.lynn said...

When are they gonna hold it?