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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Competition Tip #10: Mental Preparation

As you take to the ice, you need to be focused and calm. Most skaters have their coach with them for competitions, to put them on the ice, to help calm their nerves and to prepare them mentally for competition.

Competition Tip #10: Mental Preparation

All athletes have a mental preparation routine. Whether or not you have your coach with you, you need to have a strategy to help calm yourself. This can start as early as the day before competition, so that you can

be prepared mentally

Individual athletes will have their own mental preparation routine. For some, being in a quiet environment works best. Others find music they can use to calm their thoughts. Skaters frequently listen to their program music while visualizing the routine.

Here's a clip where Michael Jordan talks about his mental routine:

A few things you can do:
~ Use visualisation. Run through your program in your mind.
~ Stay calm and focused. Let go of other issues in your life and focus on your competition.
~ Talk to positive and encouraging people.
~ Relax yourself. Laugh. Humour always lightens things up.
~ As you are waiting for your event, think of your favorite part of your program.

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