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Friday, March 23, 2012

Competition Tip #5: Responsibility

You are responsible for your role as an athlete ~ and that is not "to win the competition".
So what am I talking about?

As an athlete, you are responsible for putting in your best performance at the competition. Winning is the outcome of the process, and your responsibility is not confined to competition day.

Tip #5: Responsibility as an athlete

By Kcr (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Take care of yourself mentally. Take care of yourself physically. Take care of your nutrition. In that way, you can

take on your role as an athlete

Take care of yourself mentally
When you feel prepared, you are confident. Part of being prepared is training well. If you are still feeling jittery about not having enough practise, it is time to write down your training plan leading up to competition. Plan for on ice and off-ice training. Analyse it and re-work it until you are satisfied. Then stick to your plan and trust yourself.

Take care of yourself physically
In the days leading up to the competition, you will be trying to push yourself physically. You will need to pace your training without burning yourself out. Allow for light-training days and rest days for your body recover.

As you train, you owe it to yourself to have the most optimal training session each time. As you enter the rink and warm up off-ice, allow yourself to transition into your role as an athlete. Set aside other issues in school, at work, at home... or even with your friends, skating or otherwise. You need to focus on your own training.

Take care of your nutrition
With all the physical stress you are putting on your body, you must ensure you have sufficient nutrition. After training, you need to replenish calories, so resist the urge to skip meals. Here are a few interesting articles on nutrition:

Finally, love what you do and love yourself. I choose to use this picture partly because of the advertisement in the background... it is so true ~

Love the skin you are in