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Friday, March 02, 2012

Tai Babilonia Skates on eBay!

Seen on eBay ~ "Custom Ice Skates from World Champion Tai Babilonia"

The description says

The skates are in pristine condition with little signs of use, these skates were made custom for Tai Babilonia. Tai Reina Babilonia (born September 22, 1959 in Los Angeles, California) is a retired American pair skater. With partner Randy Gardner, she was the 1979 World Champion and the 1976-1980 U.S. national champion. Tai Babilonia will personally autograph any personalized message for the winner of the auction on both the skates and the book, don't miss this one in a lifetime opportunity to own an amazing piece of memorabilia from one of the most graceful ice skaters ever to compete on the world stage.

They are auctioning for US$14,500 ... really? who would pay so much for a pair of skates? Plus she hardly used them? If you want custom SP Teri skates, you can get them made for less than one-tenth that price - and to fit your feet too!

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