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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Competition Tip #9: Focus on Process

While preparing for competition, focus on the process. While performing at a competition, focus on the execution.

By David W. Carmichael [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Competition Tip #9: Process

Everyone has a goal. What is your goal as a skater? What is your goal in this competition? Of course, everyone wants to win this competition. While I am sure it is admirable and, for some, realistic, it is not a well-defined goal. It is not specific. It is not within your control. I would call this the outcome of a process.

More well-defined goals might be, for example, to skate a clean program. Or to achieve your "personal best" score. Or even to land the double Axel in competition. As you enter competition, you may even have multiple small specific goals. In this way, you

focus on the process and execution

Set goals for yourself, whether in training or for competition. Even within your program, make up small goals that you can use to help you focus. Start with the opening jump combination, land it clean. Next, enter your spiral sequence, smile! After that you have a sit spin remember to get low down... Even if you fall short of one goal, get on on the next one.

As you skate, focus on the process of achieving your goals. Focus on the execution. Focus on what you need to do to get *your own* personal best. It is not the outcome that makes an athlete, it is the process, and your attitude to competition. Skate well, and you will have the satisfaction of achieving your perfect program.

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