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Monday, April 09, 2012

Rate Sheets for The Rink @ JCube

It was a busy first week of operation for The Rink at JCube. I'm sure many have been asking about the rates and session timings ~ right, it is no longer a "come as you wish" concept, and for good or for bad, Singaporeans will quickly adjust to it.

In any case, I've taken photos of the rink's rate sheets. On one side is the session timings (photo below). It is a bit hard to read the "terms and conditions" in the dark area at the bottom, so I suggest you should go get a copy for yourself.

UPDATE: This schedule is now obsolete. There is a revised schedule as of 1 Oct.

And of course everyone would like to know the cost. Below are the rates, and though they did mention learn-to-skate classes at $160 for 5 lessons, they failed to say these are *group* classes (yes, there were many people asking me about it). Also, this must be the first time I've ever seen the word "proceeding" used as an adjective!

I'm curious to see how this second week goes, and whether things will settle down somewhat. It is wonderful to see a vibrant skating scene, but there is still uncertainty where it will put the sport of figure skating.


Icestar said...

Great if your learning to skate but nothing on figure skating yet . Any news from anyone n that ?.

Chow said...

No news as yet, but I'll be sure to put it up if I hear anything! ;-)

xuan said...

Hi. I am interested to learn ice skating as an adult. I am wondering if you can help me by letting me know where I can take up lesson? You can drop me an email at Thanxs!

S ♥ said...

Hello! I'm still quite confused about the group lessons. I've been following SISA's website for quite awhile and they mentioned they would be implementing a SkateStar program which I thought was very well-planned and would ensure everyone gets a good foundation for skating. I was hoping that this would begin when the new rink opened, but so far I've heard nothing.

I'm planning to take lessons with my friend (we're 19 this year), and would really like to have some advice about this. My email is Thank you! <3