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Monday, June 26, 2006

Toe loop - now you see it, now you don't!

The double toe is driving me insane. Yes, really!

I first landed a clean one the second day of Chinese New Year last year. That was before my previous freestyle coach, CC, left. In fact, I landed two in lesson that day.

Then a dry spell. Actually I hurt my back soon after, pulling out of the Nationals here, and just barely deciding to go to Mountain Cup last year. And of course, I would have to sprain my ankle while sightseeing in Prague - at least it was such a beautiful, interesting place the sightseeing was worth it!

This year, I was back on the ice for lesson on the second day of Chinese New Year. No double toe in sight.

My new boots arrived in March. By the time I got the blades mounted, it was the day before I flew off to New Jersey. My new skates came with me, and I skated at Ice House for a week. It must have been either the larger rink, or the ice, or my new boots... I gained new confidence in my double Sal - but the double toe was still elusive as ever.

After a week in New Jersey, MM and I went to San Francisco another week. I skated at the Yerba Buerna rink, and it was there that the double toe started making its comeback.

Back in Singapore, uh, its all gone again! Another trip to Europe didn't quite bring it back either, but in lesson last week, I actually managed to land a few more.

So, what is this week going to bring? I better get it consistent - this roller coaster ride is making me sick!


december19 said...

It took me ages to land double toe loop but a few weeks ago my coach said to me to swing my leg around the centre of my body and then make sure the take off foot was in line with the leg which is swinging through (It's really hard to explain but once you've got it you will understand what i mean) from the first time i tried it i landed it, i was like wow where did that come from? and now a few weeks later i have a double toe double toe combination in my programme :-I (Scared face!)
Good luck with your jump video yourself and keep practicing!

Chow said...

Hey thanks, december19! On reading your comment, I realised that this post is uh almost one year old! I have a more recent post with landed double toes...

Still, it is really interesting to see what I was working on last year, and how far I have progressed since then.