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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Double Toe Analysis

This week, the double toe is feeling much better. I am convinced that the double toe is actually an easy jump once you get it - but getting it is another beast altogether!

Yesterday evening, my DH came to the rink and helped me take videos. I did lots of double toes (amongst other things) and realise that I hate my air position!

Of course my coach has been saying (many many times) that I'm not getting into the backspin position in the air... but hey, how am I supposed to know exactly which body-part isn't in the right position?

After watching all the videos, here's my analysis of what I must do
  • stretch straighter out for the pick - my picking toe is still going around way too much!
  • arms need to be tight in the air - my arms are so sloppy!
  • straighten the R leg!!!
  • lift the L hip, especially the split second before landing! Seriously, I think that's the main reason I 2-foot my jumps, or keel forward on the landing.
  • keep my arms lower on landing - I don't like the arms-floating-above-the-head look
Here's the video of a bunch of double toes:

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