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Friday, July 14, 2006

Combination spin

After returning from the competitions in Europe, I have been experimenting with the "backward entry" for spins.

The back camel is one spin that I never could enter. I would fall one side or the other, or get too far on the toe... I always wondered how others could so it so smoothly, and so I set my mind to try it.

But of course I would get utterly bored just working on the back camel alone, so I came up with a combination to justify the effort... so here goes:
Start the back camel, into a back sit (change-edge, if possible)
change foot into a forward sit, change position to broken leg
change foot again into a forward upright - in the OPPOSITE direction!

My observations:
  • getting speed on the back camel is still as $^&*#$ hard as ever!

  • the back spin to forward spin transition really isn't all that hard

  • OPPOSITE spin is easy if your brain and body don't get muddled up

  • the exit on the other foot feels awfully strange!!

But after 3 weeks' of working on it, I occassionally manage to get through the entire combination feeling ok.
Practise makes perfect, right?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

initiate the spin by first lifting the free foot when the entry has been pivoted and then swinging the free foot around?