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Friday, July 21, 2006

Fracture in the Spine?

It was in March last year that I had very bad back problem. I went to a local clinic and the GP sent me to get an X-ray. When I called the clinic, they said that it would take a few days for them to receive results.

I started going to a physio, it got better, and I prepared for my Europe trip in May that year. That was last year!! More than a year has passed, and with my physio, I have been managing the problem. I didn't think more about the X-ray.

Today, I went back to that same clinic because I was ill. Thought I'd just ask about the X-ray. Turns out, the report said there was an indication of an "old fracture". The GP will arrange for an appointment with the specialist.

The first impression was that it must have been one of those falls on the ice, but really, figure skating is not the only sport I have ever done...

When I was in high school, I did high jump for a while. We had thick foam mattresses on the other side of the bar for us to land on. One day, I missed the mattress and landed on the ground - yes, on my back. It hurt a lot. I could see everyone crowding around me, asking if I was ok. For two seconds, I couldn't move or speak. I was scared. Suddenly, everything snapped back to normal, and I began to laugh, and joked about having jumped too far.

I was back to normal the next day. It was as if nothing had happened. I continued with high jumping and playing basketball, (uhh, I wasn't skating then yet!) and dismissed the incident - until now...


CalabazaBlog said...


Anonymous said...

Ouch I didnt know you did high jumping before. I've never did that personally.
Nice blog too by the way :)

Chow said...

I did high jump for my "House" and played basketball for the school.

Anonymous said...

Well... i don't know which is better... doing high jump and land on your back, or what i did when i was younger, illegal high jump and fall on my chin.