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Monday, October 02, 2006

Skating in New Jersey

From LA, we flew across the continent to the East Coast. In New Jersey, we are just 10min from the Ice House.

Last Friday was the first session I went to. The ice was beautiful - nice and soft, great for spinning, and yet hard enough for fast speeds and high jumps. The rink, though, is cold... I mean, it isn't too cold, but just cold enough that when I took off my sweater, my arms were freezing!

For some reason, the rink makes me feel small & insignificant, and a little lost. It is normal size - ok, it is larger than the rink in Singapore, but then I had been skating in LA last week, so that's no excuse.

After Friday's session, I decided to get my skates sharpened. I went to the pro shop, and found that I was incredibly lucky. Jim was there, and had time to do my skates while I waited. I hear that we usually have to make an appointment with him to get skates sharpened.

Jim has done a wonderful job with the blades. I went on the ice this morning, forgetting that my skates were sharp. I didn't remember it until an hour later! The blades felt good, not too sharp to affect my skating in any way!

Today's session was fun. Early in the session, a lady came up to talk to me. Turns out, she's from Singapore, and had read my blog. That's sooo cool!
(Hi Nancy, thanks for introducing yourself, maybe I'll see you again tomorrow!)

Later, I tried to lay out my new program (yes, I'm still in the midst of that! argh!). I also tried spiral sequences that Lauren had suggested to me when I was in LA. I think I can probably work something out from that!


Davina said...

Hi Chow!

I didn't check your blog for a while and didn't realize you were in New Jersey. I was there last weekend too! I didn't skate though -- just got my skates checked and sharpened. You should come back to visit Cornell!


Chow said...

Yes, I would love to visit Cornell! Wanted to go up last weekend, but it didn't work out. Then I wanted to skate during the week, and I arranged lessons...