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Monday, February 26, 2007

Changing my program - yet again!

With Nationals coming up in a month's time, and a very bleak skating schedule ahead (trying to buy ice time is like pulling teeth!), I have been making Plan B for my program...

Take out the double loop.
Seriously, no point in trying that if its not going to be fully rotated. I will do an Axel instead.

Change start position.
This is because I find my initial start boring, and also because I want to place the first spin further down one end of the rink so that I will have more space for my combination jump on the other end of the rink.

Downgrade spiral sequence.
Better to have a nice sequence than try an ugly change of position that may not work, right? Anyway, I didn't really change it all that much.

This one my coach vehemently objects to, and insists I should do the doubles at the beginning of the program instead of at the end. Of course I can take out the step sequence to make way for them, but why should I do that for unreliable double jumps? Ok, I shouldn't give up on the doubles so easily, so they will stay - for now...

I suppose I will have to actually try this out with music - but I haven't had a chance to play my music these last two lessons, because I forgot my music last Friday and the player wasn't correctly plugged in this morning!!


OD said...

you're going to win anyway. no harm just skate as you like it to be. :-)

leanne said...

i think you should do the doubles in between the programs(if you are), your spins, footwork because if you fall in the first part of the program, you would probably have a bad immpression on the judges, and if you fall on the last part of your program, you wouldn't look very good.

i also think that it is important for you to skate your best, and enjoy yourself!:)

leanne said...

i think i don't really agree with OD about you are going to win. After thinking about it, i think you are not be 100% sure and you may not have the capabilies of winning.

one that i agree with OD is that there is no harm skating the way you like it to be. that's what figure skating is about!skating your best,your way, focusing on beting your regular self to your competitive self[during the competition] and not others and most importantly have fun!

P.S i may have offended OD, sorry about that..

Mala said...

all the best for the nationals, chow! hope i get to watch.

Chow said...

Leanne: OD is not the one who's going to offended - I am! I have the ability to win, I just have to make it happen. (but I think I get your point)

OD: if you are who you think you are, thanks, and really, its not so obvious about winning this time round.

Mala: Thanks, do come to watch, it'd be fun! :-)