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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stamina (or the lack thereof)

A week in Cambodia over Christmas, two weeks without ice in January and another two weeks in Korea in February... I really haven't been working on my program as much as I'd like.

I had a lesson this morning, and happily landed the first two double Sals. BUT when we got to doing program later, I found my stamina greatly lacking!

The new start worked fine, I like it better. I didn't do the first combination jump - landed the Axel, and forgot about the other two jumps! The Lutz, step sequence, flip and layback spin went ok, but when I started the spiral sequence, I could feel my legs getting wobbly!

The spiral sequence was supposed to allow me to catch my breath again. It did, but *sigh* just not enough. The Axel right after that - this is the first time to music that I'm trying the Axel here - timing was ok, but my legs were quite 'jelly-fied', and buckled on the landing. *sigh*

I popped the double Sal later, but surprisingly managed a pretty decent flying camel right after. OK, it felt pretty decent, not sure how it looked! The last element, split jump - double toe, I remember deciding to go for the double, don't remember falling, but it definitely wasn't clean. Ended barely on time...

THEN coach said, "let's do it again!" OMG, I was going to faint!


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