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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Korean Dream Program - Part 2

The weekend was filled with interesting activities. On Saturday, we went to Seoul, visited Gyeoungbokgung Palace, had lunch at the Ministry of Tourism, visited the Coex aquarium, and then had a couple of hours to shop. On Sunday, we went to a nearby museum of Edison's inventions. We then went to a hotel which was by the sea. This hotel is very interesting, as it is built in the shape of a ship, and perched at the top of a cliff! There is an observation deck, and the view is beautiful!
Yesterday afternoon, we had a chance to try skiing. I sent the girls off with the beginner class, and then one of the volunteers brought me to join the intermediate class. We went up two lifts to find them, as they were on another slope, higher up, and behind the main slopes... The scenery is absolutely breathtaking!
They thought I ski well - looks like the PE class at Cornell has paid off, though that was like... 10 years ago! Oh, and of course the not-so-secret secret was that I had gone out two nights ago to ski with some other volunteers. We had skiied from 10:30pm to 12:30am, and it was awesome. I started quite tentative, but quickly got the hang of it.
This slope was quite long, and we would stop frequently to gather the group before continuing. We had time for only one more run. It also started to snow, and all the classes were called in. Skiing here is so enjoyable - I would really like to go again, perhaps one of these nights... :-)
The snow continued late into the night, and the girls went out with the Mexican coach to play in the snow. This morning, everything is covered with a layer of fresh snow. Beautiful!

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