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Friday, February 16, 2007

Korean Dream Program - Final Part

There was a farewell dinner last night, with a candlelight ceremony. Many of the kids started to cry. In just 2 weeks, the friendship that has been built between them is incredible.

Yesterday, we also had the Dream Challenger competition. The Singapore girls did well, with Sarah claiming the first place! Annika had hurt her knee during warm-up, and I advised her not to push it (i.e. no double jumps!). Modulo the doubles, she skated a clean program.

After the competition, we went to the ski slopes, where we joined in the welcome of the IOC evaluation committee. There was a short exhibition by the skiiers, which was quite fun to watch. However, it was VERY COLD!!

We will be back home again soon, but deep in our hearts we will retain special memories from this program. Korea is beautiful! :-)

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Thoo said...

Hi Anika How Are I Friend In Thailand