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Friday, February 02, 2007

Layback variation

I watched Fumie Suguri's short program at the Asian Winter Games on YouTube, and noticed that the layback variation is exactly what I had intended to do! Except that mine, when I got a friend to video it for me yesterday, looked pathetic...

Well, I was tired yesterday, and didn't get much speed in the spin. Also, I noticed that in the first position, I was pulling my left (skating) arm back, making it look more like a twisted upright, than a sideways-leaning spin.

I tried it again today, with the left arm up and over my head - at least I tried to make it that way. Not sure if it looked any better, but today's spins certainly felt better!

I wasn't intending to put yesterday's video up, since it is so embarrassing, but oh well, everyone can see me embarrass myself at the rink, so why not! For the final position, I was tired, in an odd position, and losing speed, so I couldn't manage to pull the blade up at all! ARGH!

1 comment:

Vivian M said...

Practice makes perfect. Try to concentrate on basics first, like not travelling on the ice when you spin and your posture. I think video taping is a great tool so you can immediately see your positions on the ice and any areas you have to work on. Keep it up, you are doing great!