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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Competition Tip #3: Focus

Competition stress gets to everyone. Not just the athlete, but also family and even close friends. The environment you are in does not make it any better.

[Picture adapted from photo by David W. Carmichael (]
You see your competitor land that double sal and you wonder if you will. You hear others gossip about how "simple" your footwork sequence is, or how your spin is "only level 1".

Tip #3: Focus on yourself

I originally wanted to phrase this as "avoid stressful situations" but that is not always possible. Moreover, avoidance is not the best solution. Instead, you need to

focus on your own training

This is not the time to listen to naysayers. This is not the time to worry about whether you should have put a double Sal in your program ~ just because others have it. This is not the time to second-guess what your coach has planned out for you.

 Work on what you have.
   Make your program the best you can.
    Focus on your strengths.
     Train hard ...
        ... and the results will follow.


Icestar said...

This is great advise ( if you have proper figure skating ice to skate on ). Other wise your limited. I do hope the new rink will have figure skating ice for the skaters in Singapore so we can catch up withj the rest of the Asian figure skating World who are now producing the best skaters in the World because they have ice to skate on.

Chow said...

Thank you for putting it positively. We skaters in Singapore make do with what we can get, and we try our best. Definitely looking forward to better training opportunities in the future!