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Sunday, June 10, 2007

The complement of jumps

Apart from two-footing all my double jumps this week, I have also been working on some other "more interesting" stuff - a.k.a. "everything else"

Spiral sequence: LFI change edge to LFO catch-foot, then RBO with free leg split at the side.
The change-edge spiral is proving to be rather fun. However, it is really difficult to practise here, as I always end up having to stop for traffic from all directions! The RBO still needs more flow, control and uh... I don't want it to curve so much...

Sit spin with change of foot: forward sit 8 revs, increase speed, broken leg, back sit change edge.
This combination is fun, but makes me terribly dizzy. Somebody suggested dropping the arms to the side to increase speed - and it does work! (as in, I get more dizzy). Somebody else cautioned that the 8revs should be done before increasing speed - argh, that means I have to hold the spin longer! That's not a problem for me, its just the time I have to factor into the program. And, I still don't know if my back sit is getting any lower, even though it feels lower.

Combination spin with change of foot: back camel, back upright change edge, forward broken leg, opposite upright.
Occassionally, I get the back camel entry right, and it would feel much faster and more steady - which is nice! The back upright change edge is happening a little more often that I'd expected. Everything else is just as it has been (I haven't changed this one too much!)

Lastly, something I admittedly haven't thought about too much, is what I'm going to do with my flying spin. I initially thought I'd learn a flying sit, and do variations on that. Then somebody suggested I just do my combination spin - but I still feel it is kind of inaesthetic to do the exact same spin twice, even though one of them is a flying entry instead of a back entry. And somebody else suggested I should work on a layover position for the back camel...

Sometimes I wonder why I'm so hung up on trying to up levels of spins and spiral sequences. I suppose it is because it is challenging, and it is always fun finding out that I can do things I never thought I could do before!

(PS: I think I should really wonder instead about the lack of involvement of my coach in all this!)


SaraSkates said...

LOL - I had to laugh at the lack of involvement with your coach - ! (I never cough cough do that...)

Chow said...

Do you mean you never do things without your coach, or you never wonder about lack of involvement of your coach?
It is just that my coach so blatant about being so sure I can handle "everything else" on my own, that it sometimes can get frustrating.

阿土仔(垚垚) said...

When I was searching "figure skating in singapore" on internet, I found your blog. It's great ! I started skating recently at fuji rinks and I taught myself. I love this game...

Anonymous said...

If you want to be serious about figure skating, you should consider getting yourself a coach!