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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Trying new spirals

After fantasizing about a new L4 spiral sequence, I finally got to skate today and try it out...

Indeed, I have not skated at all since after the competition at Oberstdorf last Saturday. Also, there was a local competition here (inter-school, based on ISI rules), and I was judging... yes, sitting by the rink and getting cold. I have been judging for a total of 7 hours these 2 days!

The rink was open to public after the competition today, so I decided to skate. Strange thing was, my skates felt weird - they felt too big!! No, that's not a good thing, I will probably have to get new boots soon! Oh but that's not the point... back to the spirals:

First, I tried a LFI spiral, with change of edge. I was thrilled that the edge did change and that I was also able to do a catch-foot after getting onto the LFO edge! Wonder why I never thought about doing this on the L foot before - I always used to try the RFI change and never was able to change the edge!!

Next, I tried the RBO spiral, holding the free leg up at the side - trying for a split position. I think I need a little bit more stretching for a full split... but I felt today's attempt was still pretty decent.

Putting it all together, it seems like with more practice this ought to be possible! I will have to check and confirm that this does really fulfill the criteria for L4 - that would be very exciting indeed!!

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