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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The rink-to-be

The new rink in Kallang will be in the Leisure Park, a building that was demolished in 2005 and rebuilt. Plans for the rink in the new building was mentioned in the Singapore Sports Council's paper "A New Sporting Vision for Singapore".

There is also a news release on the CB Richard Ellis site, "Historic Leisure Park Kallang To Be Transformed Into An All-in-one Lifestyle Retail-entertainment Mall For Families & Youth"

The news release reports that the building "will be granted its temporary occupation permit in the early third quarter of 2007". Well, early 3rd quarter would be October, and being granted a TOP doesn't uh, necessarily equate to starting operations, does it? So much for all the rumours of the new rink opening in September...

Well, I suppose when exactly it opens probably wouldn't affect me all that much, and I will just take things as they come... but a nice rink with some spectator seating sounds pretty promising - even though the dimensions might not.

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