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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Spins and the IJS

I was about to go to bed, but started to think more about spins after reading a short article about spins. It started by quoting examples of some prominent spinners (some of whom missed the podium because of their jumps), and went on to say:
But today things have really changed : a warning for the jumper who only wants to jump. You have to be able to spin fast, in both directions if possible, and on all edges. It's absolutely necessary to make the podium. Add to that the inevitable « stretch » to the exercise. The public has loved great « spinners » for a long time. Figure Skating is the only sport in the world that includes such levels of rotation in its performance, and today, the ISU gives it the value that it deserves as a magnificent, athletic exercise
(from International Skating Magazine)

Though the IJS does give spins a value, skaters at the higher level who can pull off triple-triple combinations are still going to get more points than good spinners. However, at my level, spins are given their worth... almost half of the base value of my technical score at the recent competitions can be attributed to spins.

Lately, I've been dreaming up a level 4 spin... However, that rests on my being able to make my backsit low enough to be called a "sit position". It also depends on what constitutes the "clear increasing of speed" to be considered a "difficult variation". I want to try it, have someone video it and actually see it for myself, before I can even decide on how to proceed!

But for now, get to bed!!!

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