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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Figure Skating - our unusual sport

Figure skating is an unusual sport.

Any child can kick a football.
Any group of children can get together and play a game.

Any child can run.
Any group of children can get together have a race.

Any child can put on skates and step on the ice...
BUT not many attain figure skating skills that would allow them to skate a program. At least not immediately.

Figure skating competitions are highly structured. Test levels are created to place competitors in the "right skill level". Lower-level competitions impose restrictions on what elements competitors may do, as skaters are judged not just on how well elements are performed, but also on the difficulty of elements successfully performed.

Imagine a tennis competition with a category where "no topspin is allowed" so that beginners not adept at hitting the topspin would not be disadvantaged.

Or a basketball competition where 3-point shots are not allowed...

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