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Monday, August 14, 2006

Skating Alone

No, this is not a sob story about losing a partner or anything like that...

Rather, I was the only person on the ice this morning, because the coaches who would have been there are out of town for the Skate Asia competition - and their students didn't come either.

I took the opportunity to bring my new program to the ice, without having everyone else trying to play their music at the same time. I had cut a piece of music and done a "paper choreography" for the program, but had not yet tried it out for real.

Horrors, I realised that combination spins and step sequences in the head take way longer than they do on the ice! I also found that my imagination can hold beautiful spiral sequences much longer than I actually can!

Being able to play my music over and over, I managed to change the program a little to fit in the 6 jump elements, 3 spins, one footwork sequence and one spiral sequence (all in 2min 38sec!)

BUT, after hearing my music repeat over and over again for a whole hour, its now stuck in my head the entire day! EEW!

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